We are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental impact of fast fashion and consumers are looking for a more sustainable way to shop. 

Fast fashion encourages Britons to throw away £12.5bn of wearable clothes annually based on a survey in 2018. Much of it simply sitting in landfill sites, according to new research. And behind that is a whole story of how modern fast fashion creates a throwaway culture in which consumers accumulate fashion items but don’t value them and, in some cases, don’t even wear them.

Some 10% of people throw away clothes after just a few wears, again because they were cheap, while one in 20 throw away items that they simply can’t be bothered to return to the retailer.

Interestingly, 45% would go as far as bagging clothes to take to a charity shop, only to throw them away in the end. And 59% of those people said they simply didn’t want the hassle.

The research revealed that Britons spend on average £92 a month on new clothes, but typically wear less than half (46%) of their wardrobe. And a new piece of clothing become old in the eyes of consumers after just 20 washes, which on average means just 50 days.

Could buying high quality preloved items be the solution? 

That’s why we find it so important to change the way we approach fast fashion. We believe that buying consciously can rebuild the fashion industry as a whole.

This is how our business contributes to this work, here are some of our thoughts. Buy only high quality garments and accessories, the ones that help you to build your very special wardrobe where each piece is a story. Most designer pieces are classic and timeless which means they won’t go out of fashion the next season. We believe buying high quality luxury items can be an investment too.

So why wait? Join the Preloved Revolution today and start making conscious purchasing decisions.