Classic Burberry trench – This classic trench is a great investment piece, if you’re looking for something that isn’t a seasonal trend, this is for you. It’s becoming more popular with minimalism where individuals prefer to have a small quantity of high quality luxury clothing.

    Burberry Beige Trench Coat

    Balmain Blazer Jacket – We often associate blazer with a formal occasion such as work related or meetings. Balmain has turned something standard into elegant garment to match any style. It looks great with summer dresses or pair them with power trousers.

    Balmain Blazer Jacket

    Chanel Tweed Boucle Jacket – Bouclé garments are really on trend right now, inspired from the classic CoCo Chanel Bouclé suits. The vintage Chanel suits are longer and oversized and less flattering for modern style. Having said that they are much cheaper and available on preloved marketplace such as They can be tailored to suit you at a fraction or the retail price of new.

      Chanel Tweed Boucle Jacket

      Burberry Quilted Jacket – This jacket can be dress up or down, the style is so versatile and I’ve been loving it for many years. They can be paired with jeans or worn with summer dressed with the sleeves rolled up. You can choose it make an elegant jacket or just go with smart casual.

        Burberry Quilted Jacket

        Gucci Leather Biker Jacket – We can’t end our blog without mentioning the Gucci Leather Biker Jacket. This is a true classic that girl of every generation can embrace make it look fabulous in their own style, it shows personality and taste.

          Gucci Leather Biker Jacket

          If you are looking to make an investment in a designer timeless piece and don’t want to pay the full retail price, why not buy preloved at

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